One mum's Life Hacks for living more by spending less

Hi, I’m Tara Karineh!

I was born a Londoner, moved to Los Angeles in my early twenties and fell into all the usual Hollywood trappings. After working in celebrity magazines (and selling my soul) I left everything to work on farms around the world.

Somehow I went from being a dread-locked nomad to being happily married, then very quickly falling pregnant and becoming a stay-at-home-mum in the heart of Sydney. All in the space of 6 months.

Now my family and I live a curiously alternative lifestyle (unvaccinated, gluten free, hikers who save money in interesting ways) whilst being happily part of the cultivated society of northern Sydney, Australia.

By doing things a bit differently to most, we’ve successfully managed to continue saving money (on one salary) AND travel the world with our three year old daughter in wondrous ways.

After three years I felt it was time to share some of the unusual Life Hacks I’ve kept a secret up until now. So here they are!
Dive into some new ideas, explore a greater way of living and join the conversation.