Our daughter isn’t vaccinated. We made the choice as parents very carefully and hold to our decision every day, as do all parents who do the best they can for their children.

We have our reasons but it was mainly a lesser of two evils scenario for us.
So where did that leave us in terms of protecting her against the world of disease?


Gluten, we discovered shortly after our daughter was born, is not just a word attached to ‘carbs’ and other forms of delicious but stodgy foods. It’s actually the cause of a lot of health issues for people, primarily to do with the gut. And the gut just so happens to be the epicenter of immunity in the body.

gluten free kids
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After doctor recommendations, books, online articles and documentaries we reached the conclusion that the biggest thing we could do, for our un-vaxxed daughter, was to boost her immunity naturally by cutting out gluten completely.

Besides the odd gluten mouthful here and there (just to prevent a celiac development) our daughter has remained completely gluten-free for the three and a half years of her life. That and refined sugar, because….why not? The less crap the better.

So what kind of life are we giving our gluten-free, un-vaxxed child of three?

Since she’s legally unable to attend preschool or daycare, she’s in my care 24/7. That means day trips to museums, libraries, day hikes, the zoo and craft activities at home.
In the same way, her quality of food intake is by no means limited. Though one would think that eradicating breads, wraps, cakes, bars, pastries and biscuits would be close to child abuse, we beg to differ.

Walk into any supermarket and you’ll find a gluten free section, which you will find has almost everything listed in the above, except free of gluten.

Health isles dedicated to superfood alternatives like:

gluten free kids
gluten free kids

These aren’t rare or costly products. Mostly they just take a little bit of effort to get acquainted with, and once you do, you’re children won’t know any different….or they will and they’ll love it.

But mainly, their guts will thank you for it with all their densely rich nutrients and minerals.
And it’s not just a matter of being or not being vaccinated. It’s being generally concerned about our kids health and doing what we can do to make their bodies work better.

That’s all we decided to do for our daughter. If we weren’t going to give her the shots, we were going to make darn sure she had every chance of fighting anything that came her way that wasn’t deadly.

We do that by making food her medicine each and every day.

So when your kid is having a playdate or at playgroup eating their healthy sugar free/gluten free snack, they won’t be missing out!

Between home-made sushi rolls, bliss balls, polenta chips and pesto/carrot grain free sandwiches, they won’t be worried about the kid next to them eating their biscuits with a ham and cheese sandwich on white.

gluten free kids

At a time when viral disease is changing and spreading at a rate pharmaceutical companies can’t keep up with, put some trust back into the right kinds of food.

And to give you a helping hand, here’s a FREE downloadable PDF of a Going Gluten Starter Kit with some Extra recipe ideas for good measure.
Click on the below to get yours!

It really is one of the best gifts you can give yourselves, and to your children.

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