What’s inside a woman’s bag says a lot about who they are.
How they manage their day, what they prioritize and the tricks they use to get them through it in one piece.

It’s also become a bit of a trend, between bloggers, to lay bare the contents of their day to day must-haves and personal essentials.
So here I go jumping on that same bandwagon.

I’m sharing with the world my secrets and quirks as a human/mother/wife that help me survive and thrive in life.

For when I’m on duty mum…


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We all have that strange something that we can’t leave the house without. For me, if I don’t have some form of lip moisturizer on my person before leaving the house it’s like forgetting to wear pants.

My current (and slightly disheveled) balm is Simply Handmade’s Luscious Lip Balm, which comes in a beautiful eco-friendly tube.
I bought this all natural winner from a store near Byron Bay, which sold all things local and handmade.

When I’m finished with it I’ll either attempt to make my own, and pour it into the tube (wish my luck), or I’ll hunt around for another delicious, locally made version.


It’s dull I’m aware, but a gal’s got to stay hydrated while on the go.

If we’re hiking it’s making sure I carry a full Camelbak water bladder (hidden in it’s very own pouch inside it’s backpack).

If it’s a trip elsewhere and I have extra time, I’ll grab my very pretty ‘glamorous mum tea infuser’ and attempt to guzzle a herbal blend on the way to the zoo or museum.

Because we need to take whatever moments we can get.


These are a HUGE game changer for Acacia and for us as parents.

Since she’s gluten free AND sugar free, grabbing snacks at the shops when you’ve run out is never easy.

So we take Little Mashies reusable Food Pouches and fill them with our own homemade yoghurt, as well as their reusable Snack Bag for homemade kale chips or gluten free sandwiches.

In terms of day hikes, overnight hikes and even thru-hiking these BPA/PVC/Phthalate free, eco-friendly alternatives are fantastic!

Not just for carrying pouches of almond butter, but bags to carry our dehydrated meals in and then to eat out of too!


Since Acacia was born we were always very careful with what we used on her skin, this included her sunscreen.

After some research we discovered Burt’s Bee’s natural diaper rash cream. Which we then used to smear on our her face and arms while under the Australian sun!

Why on earth would we do that?
Simple answer, diaper rash cream (without chemicals) contains the exact same ingredients as other natural sunscreens for kids (non-nano zinc oxide and coconut oil), just without the clear formulations that help absorb the cream into their skin.

As a bonus, the added essential oils in the rash cream (used to heal a baby’s bum), smells gorgeous and leaves Acacia’s skin softer than before.

On top of all that, it costs a fraction of the price!


I’m not obsessive compulsive, I just live in Australia.

I also happen to hike a lot with my kid in the bush where venomous snakes and cliff drops are an everyday risk factor (read more about that here).
Having had to slim down our pack weight on overnight/thru hikes we’ve also slimmed down the contents of our first aid kit. Knowing what we can go without and what we absolutely can not.

But if we didn’t have the experience and practice, a great starting point for information as well as a place to buy basic-experienced first aid kits is Stay Alive Pack.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s a friend who also has some awesome research behind her, along with fun instagram feeds with tricks on how to survive in the bush with limited supplies!

And for when I’m off duty…


It’s hard enough trying to smell of roses when you’re a mother, but when your husband is actually ALLERGIC to perfume there’s little hope.

date night, eco-friendly, environmental, life hacks, motherhood hacks, hiking, hiking with kids, inside my bag

Until that is, I discovered an amazing company called Kynd Scent. This company source top quality essential oils and blend them into a glass roller stick that fits perfectly into a clutch bag for nights out.

I rarely have time to make sure my hair is fresh, make-up is intact or clothes are matched. But if I can step out of the house, on a date night with the hubby, smelling like an Egyptian Goddess (Violet Kiss holler!) without him sneezing into our curry I’m a happy mama.

Plus, they plant trees for each scent purchased. Double win!


Self explanatory.


Again, because I must.

I know what you’re thinking….”she has no identity other than being a mother” and “That’s not much of an ‘off-duty’ handbag.”

In all honesty, it actually is.

Firstly, when life is always an effort of what to pack for you and your child on a day out, the last thing you want to do is pack again for yourself on a night OFF.

Keeping it light and simple is what a night off looks like for me. If I can get away with smelling good, even if I haven’t had time to shower, I’ve won.

So what does all this say about the kind of person I am?

Maybe that I over-hydrate, smear white paste on my child for s**** and giggles, have a serious issue with my lips and am terrified my child might slash her leg apart getting on and off a bus.

Clearly loves the diaper rash cream/sunblock

Or perhaps it’s what I DON’T carry around with me that says more about who I am.

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